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The Central European Association for Comparative Law

was established in 2021


The aims

of the Association are the following

Carries out comparative legal researches and prepares studies in the field of private law, public law, EU and international law, focusing on the Central European region, provides suggestions and opinions for the scientific community, international organizations and state bodies of the countries of the Central European region (especially for legislators and law enforcers) in particular with regard to the encouragement and development of the domestic and foreign application of certain legal institutions.

Prepares comparative legal studies on the application of certain legal institution.

In the researched topics promotes the widest possible dissemination of the results of legislation, legal practice and jurisprudence in the Central European region.

Supports the publication of research results.

Collaborates with similar national and international research institutes.

Through these activities contributes to higher level of integration and closer cooperation of the Visegrád Group and the Central European countries.

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The Association carries out the following activities

Scientific activity, research. The members of the Association take part in scientific and professional conferences and other events, in particular to present the typical case law of the Central European region. The Association also organizes scientific conferences and other professional events. The members of the Association regularly carry out scientific researches and make their research results available in a scientific form. The Association also encourages others in order to pursue scientific activities. The Association may operates a scientific journal and participates in other publishing activities. The Association carries out all these activities at international level.

The members of the Association participate in private and public law, as well as EU and international law education, both in higher education institutions and in other forms. The members of the Association regularly publish science-related information books and contribute to similar publications with their researches.

The Association may carries out economic activities directly related to the achievement of its aims.

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